Who are we?

Style & Design provides an integral solution

We are a Style agency, an idea generator, and a creative design studio, all under one roof. We are equipped with the latest technology in design and production. Our objective is to innovate, create, and produce our clients’ new products. We cover the entire industrial chain: starting from the idea, to the marketing brief through to the product’s realization.


combined with performance technology

Our stylists explore new concepts. They marry style with technological innovation, two of the principal ingredients for a successful product.


in 3 dimensions

Mindful of the fact that this tool is quite possibly new to our clients, STYLE & DESIGN offers to involve you in creating the specifications for the desired image.

Following the brief and taking into account expectations for the finished product, a dedicated development process is created for each client with a large range of options: real-time, pre-calculated, animation, compositing, motion design, post-production, 2D/3D editing.


at the service of perfection

Driven by a passion for their work... our stylists, designers, modellers, composite experts and metal sheet experts, as well as our painters, all work on the different materials with an eye for detail to bring their expertise together.


combined with technicality

Precision in the forms created, straight light lines, digital control of production … these are processes that are applied in all sectors where the quality of the technical production cannot be compromised.

360° Expertise

Style & Design operates in a large variety of sectors (luxury goods, FMCG, transport, events...) where we develop an in-depth know-how, from styling through to manufacturing techniques, either digital or traditional.