Style & Design covers the entire industrial chain:

1 – Style & Concept:

Predictors of the future, observers of trends and habits…our stylists come from all different sectors from which they draw their inspiration. Styling is a major component in the creation of new ideas, innovation and value. Integrating this into the design of a product right from the beginning increases the chance of success. “If two products are technically equal, it’s the styling that will make the difference.”(Translation from source: Industrie et Technologies – n°856)

2 – Creation of 3D forms:

A class surfaces and modelling. Our team use the latest software packages for creation, digital rendering and modelling to design and visualise the product before the prototype is made.

3 – Digital rendering and 3D animation:

The STYLE & DESIGN Studio is specialised in high quality digital rendering. We create visuals and films for design as well as communication in print, web or audio-visual. Our wide areas of expertise cover artistic direction, 3D, graphic animations, post-production and editing and we can propose all of the following for your projects. Maya, Patchwork 3D, After effects, Première, Fusion, Final Cut, Z Brush, Real Flow, Bunkspeed, Showcase, …

4 – Prototypes and style models:

The model, or its more advanced version, the prototype, leads to the 3D modelling stage. This is where the product is taken from the virtual to the physical, allowing greater visibility for the project. This tool allows the team to really project forward. They are therefore able to test the product before its development phase, pinpoint any possible faults and develop the design or production further. The model or prototype is the optimal solution in order to envisage new developments in the design, make some last improvements to the style and in particular aides the decision making process.

Areas where we operate

  • Style and concept
  • Digital Modelling
  • Research and technical feasibility studies
  • Digital Rendering / Graphics
  • CAD* and CAM**
  • Programming and CNC milling
  • Production of moulds and master models
  • Production of metal sheets and chassis preparation
  • Composite part production
  • Physical modelling
  • Perceived quality
  • Painting Fit and finish
  • Colours and Trim

(*) Computer aided design (**) Computer aided manufacturing