The 2010 Boat Show


At the beginning of December at the Porte de Versailles, STYLE & DESIGN attended the Paris Salon Nautique (Boat Show) with its partner CARFACE.

In order to showcase CARFACE’S abilities, this year, the company offered a Colours and Trims Library to the visitors of the Boat Show. The library presented the noble character of new materials and the wide range of finishes that the brand can offer.

As an illustration of its expertise in seating, CARFACE exhibited leather seats created by the CARFACE stylists and produced in STYLE & DESIGN’S workshops.

Finally, the skill and precision of the teams at CARFACE in the boating sector were illustrated when they revealed a model for a Leopard 23m. CARFACE has created a complete hard top for this particular boat as requested by one of their most prestigious clients.


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